Everybody In – An Inclusion And Diversity Charter for the Children's Book World

The key aim of the Everybody In charter is to help all those involved in the book world to move forward in making books more inclusive. 

The charter has been developed in close liaison with publishers, booksellers, libraries, authors, illustrators, teachers, and organisations such as The Publishers AssociationThe Booksellers Association and ASCEL. Other key agencies have also endorsed the charter, including YLG, the SLA and the Society of Chief Librarians. The key to Inclusive Minds is its collaborative nature, drawing together all relevant parties to work together.

Everyone working with children and books must play a part in ensuring that all children can find authentic representations of themselves in books, as well as seeing those who are different from them. To this end, the charter is open to all audiences so that we can take collective responsibility. 

The charter represents a way for organisations to demonstrate how ‘inclusively minded’ they are, and offers practical and achievable ways of ensuring real change. Signatories agree with four statements of intent and select three actions to work on. We've suggested some actions, but signatories are free to write their own. Advice and examples of how the actions can be fulfilled according to your sector or area of work can be found on the relevant guidance pages. Signatories will be contacted annually in the Summer to give feedback on how they've been taking action to fulfill their selected commitments and to update their commitments if desired. They will also be given the option to provide case studies to be promoted on their signatory page.

Signatories will be listed on this website along with their action points, and will be able to display the ‘We’re IN-clusively Minded’ logo on their website and literature. Other benefits include priority access to the Inclusive Minds Ambassador Network, exclusive access to additional guidance material as it is developed (funding dependent) and various discounts. 

The charter is designed to be accessible to everyone, no matter the size of their organisation or sector of the industry. If there are any obstacles to signing the charter, please contact Inclusive Minds to discuss how they can be overcome.