Everybody In Charter

Signatories confirm that they:

  • Are committed to playing a part in ensuring that all children can find authentic representations of themselves in books, as well as seeing those who are different from them.
  • Understand the wide-ranging nature of the term ‘diversity’ to encompass race and heritage, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religion, and culture.
  • Understand ‘inclusive books’ to mean great mainstream stories, not isolated as a separate genre or segregated strand of literature.
  • Aim to keep up to date with matters surrounding diversity and inclusion.

Signatories choose at least three commitments to work on over the next two years.  

We suggest signatories choose one core and two supplementary commitments. Examples are given below, but signatories can come up with their own commitments if they prefer. Not all the example commitments will be appropriate for all audiences. Examples of how the commitments are applicable to each sector of the industry and how they can be fulfilled can be found on the relevant advice page.

Example Core Commitments

The core commitment should be a positive, regular activity to improve children’s access to inclusive and diverse books. 

  • Work towards all new books being authentically inclusive.
  • Actively promote and display books that are inclusive of a diverse range of characters.
  • Attend/organise training, events and discussions around the areas of inclusion and diversity to motivate, educate and inspire.
  • Seek advice and consultancy to ensure that diverse characters are authentic.
  • Carry out regular audits of books to assess inclusion and diversity.
  • Ensure that books and book events are accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

Example Supplementary Commitments

The supplementary commitments should be specific actions that will support the core commitment.

  • For each book ask ‘Who is represented in this book, and how? Are the characters reflective of the world we live in? Is the representation authentic?’
  • Discuss inclusion and diversity with colleagues and challenge those who downplay its importance.
  • Actively develop knowledge of different facets of diversity.
  • Seek out and support those who create and curate high-quality inclusive books.
  • Sign up to relevant newsletters to keep in touch with developments.


Full details can be found on the benefits page.

  • Use of the ‘Everybody In Books – We’re IN-clusively Minded’ logo on website and literature.
  • Listing on the Inclusive Minds/Everybody In website, along with selected commitments.
  • Priority access to the Inclusive Minds Ambassador Network.
  • Exclusive access to additional guidance and material as it is developed (funding dependent).
  • Relevant discounts, where possible.
  • The option to publicise your work in this area on the Everybody In website.
  • Signatories demonstrate their commitment to improving inclusion, challenging discrimination and ensuring equality.


The charter is designed to be accessible to everyone, no matter the size of their organisation or sector of the industry. 
If there are any obstacles to signing the charter, please contact Inclusive Minds to discuss how they can be overcome.

The Everybody In Charter has been endorsed by the following organisations: