Signatories of the charter are eligible for a number of benefits.

  • Use of the ‘We’re IN-clusively Minded – Everybody In Books’ logo
    Signatories will be sent the logo (see above) in various formats to use on their website and literature. The logo must not be used on individual books.
  • Priority access to the Inclusive Minds Ambassador Network
    Priority access will guarantee a speedy response to enquiries about the network, and means that if we don't currently have an ambassador with the relevant experience or background we will do our best to try to recruit one.
  • Listing on the Everybody In website
    Signatories will have a listing on the website featuring their logo and chosen commitments.
  • Form part of a powerful network of those who share the commitment to improve diversity and inclusion
    A network including publishers, booksellers, authors, illustrators, teachers, librarians and other agencies.
  • Be a trailblazer in developing a more inclusive and representative book industry
    By fulfilling their commitments, signatories will truly lead the way in inclusive books.
  • Special discounts
    Signatories will receive discounts for events and training run by Inclusive Minds, and may receive discounts from some of our supporters and partners.
  • Exclusive access to additional guidance and material
    Once we've raised the necessary funds, we'll be developing specialist guidance material that will only be available to charter signatories. 
  • Opportunity to publicise your work and achievements in inclusion 
    If an annual update is sent to Inclusive Minds, examples of what signatories have done to fulfil their selected commitments can be promoted on their signatory page on the website (with the signatory's permission). 
  • Certificate listing commitments
    All signatories will receive a PDF of a certificate listing their chosen commitments. This can be circulated to colleagues and printed off for display.