Publisher Charter

Inclusively Minded Publishers:

  • are committed to ensuring that all children are represented in books
  • understand the wide-ranging nature of the term ‘diversity’ to encompass race and heritage, disability, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, religion, and culture
  • are pro-active, questioning who is represented, and how, in each book they develop and publish, and continue to seek advice and learn
  • find ways to ensure the authenticity of diverse characters, for example through research, consultancy or talking to real people with relevant experiences
  • promote inclusive books alongside other mainstream books, not as a separate strand or genre
  • as well as promoting the story, ensure marketing material for booksellers and librarians highlights inclusive aspects, but without pigeonholing and ensure effective use of metadata and AIs
  • keep up to date with issues surrounding diversity and inclusion and ensure all staff are kept informed
  • discuss the charter and chosen action points with colleagues, and distribute copies to all staff

Inclusively Minded publishers commit to at least three action points:

(These should be reviewed every two years)


Category 1 – Core commitments

(choose at least one)

  • Audit current list to evaluate inclusivity/diversity of publishing programme and identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Seek advice/consultancy on how to make their books authentically inclusive.
  • Undertake training to motivate, educate and inspire staff to ensure books are authentically inclusive.
  • Attend events and discussions around the area of inclusion and diversity.
  • Demonstrate that significant titles published are effectively inclusive and diverse.

Category 2 – Supplementary commitments

(choose at least two)

  • Seek authors and illustrators from diverse groups.
  • Seek manuscripts which include a diverse range of characters.
  • For each book ask ‘Who is represented in this book, and how? Could we include anyone else? Are the characters reflective of the world we live in? Is the representation authentic?’
  • Discuss inclusion and diversity with colleagues, ensuring it is front and centre in editorial meetings, and challenge those who downplay its importance.
  • Include information about inclusion on submission guidelines.
  • Sign up to relevant newsletters to keep in touch with developments.
  • An action of your choice (to be agreed with Inclusive Minds).

 Benefits of signing up to the charter

  • Inclusively Minded publishers can use the ‘We’re IN-clusively Minded – Everybody In Books’ logo on their website and literature.

  • Listing on the Everybody In website along with your action points.

  • Form part of a powerful network including other publishers, booksellers, writers, illustrators, schools, libraries and other agencies who share the commitment to improve diversity and inclusion.

  • Be a trailblazer in developing a more inclusive and representative book industry. 


 Endorsed by the Publishers Association