Child's Play (International) Ltd

Core Commitment

Audit current list to evaluate inclusivity/diversity of publishing programme and identify gaps and opportunities.

Supplementary Commitments

Seek advice/consultancy on how to make our books authentically inclusive.

Attend events and discussions around the area of inclusion and diversity.

Additional (voluntary) Commitments

Seek authors and illustrators from diverse groups.

Seek manuscripts which include a diverse range of characters.

For each book ask ‘Who is represented in this book, and how? Could we include anyone else? Are the characters reflective of the world we live in? Is the representation authentic?’

Discuss inclusion and diversity with colleagues, ensuring it is front and centre in editorial meetings, and challenge those who downplay its importance.

Include information about inclusion on submission guidelines.

Sign up to relevant newsletters to keep in touch with developments.

Signed March 13 2015