Ashley Jay Brockwell/Reconnecting Rainbows

Core Commitments

Work towards all new books being authentically inclusive.

Attend/organise training, events and discussions around the areas of inclusion and diversity to motivate, educate and inspire.

Offer training and consultancy to authors and publishers who want to ensure the authenticity of lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans male and non-binary characters.

Supplementary Commitments

For each book ask ‘Who is represented in this book, and how? Are the characters reflective of the world we live in? Is the representation authentic?’

Discuss inclusion and diversity with colleagues and challenge those who downplay its importance.

Actively develop knowledge of different facets of diversity.

Sign up to relevant newsletters to keep in touch with developments.

Raise awareness of the link between inclusive books and mental health for LGBT+ children, teenagers and young adults.

Signed 31 January 2018